Missing File Imported incorrectly

Hello -

I’m running into a interesting problem -

If I’ve made time edits to a wave file image in Cubase 8 (Cutting and Moving Files in time), and then realized, I need to replace that wave file with a slightly different mix of the wave file, the file is reimporting into the project slightly out of time.

Here’s the process.

I’m exporting wav files from a much older version of cubase with processing and plugins that I don’t have for Cubase 8.

After importing all the files into Cubase 8 for additional mixing and editing, I realized I made some mistakes in the original files and need to reprint the wav files.

All my markers are in the exact same spot. Next I hide the old file so cubase will ask me to find the correct file to use. When I point cubase to the new file and it’s found and reimported into the project, the wave file is now slightly out of time by about 1/8 note. SO all my cuts are in the wrong position. I’ve double checked this process by using the original file with a slightly different name…

IS there some simple setting that I’m missing that will correct this? Or am I doing this process incorrectly?

What’s the best way to insure my cuts end up where they need to be upon replacing the file?

Thanks so much!