Missing Files after renaming project

Is anybody else having this strange occurrence? While working on a project you change the name of a file. Ex: “Snare” becomes “Clean Snare.” You save your work for the day under a new name. Ex. Project 1 is now Project 1-Clean Snare. Then, the next time you open the project, you get the Missing files window saying that it can’t locate the Snare track. So you have to go through the locate process to point it to the newly named Clean Snare.

I don’t understand why this is happening. It’s only happened since moving to N12 (I’m currently on the latest version: Ver. 12.0.40 - Build 317 7-20-22). Why isn’t the new information being properly and thoroughly saved? It gets annoying very quickly when this error now includes several tracks per day and you have to re-locate EACH track, unlike the old way, when you could locate one missing file and all of the others would follow to their correct locations with the re-associating of the first!

Has anybody else been dealing with this?