Missing files problem

Hi guys.
I have encountered one problem with my Cubase 5. I have almost finished my work with many tracks but after changed Sample Rate of project from default 44 to 48 and format from 24b to 32b, I have lost audio files. After restart it gave me that window on startup saying “Resolve Missing Files” but even if I browse them with ‘Locate’ it says that file is corupted or wrong format. I have converted project back to 44 but problem is not solved. I can see those audio files in Audio or Edits folders but Cubase doesn’t like them. Only VST tracks are there. It would be disaster if I lose my whole record. Hope someone will be able to help me. Thanks guys.

Try to import all those audio files into a new project setup as whatever the audio files resolution is currently set to.

Regards. :sunglasses: