Missing Files

I have a problem with missing files. it is important to me as it involved hours of drums miking/ band performance.

I recorded3 projects and saved them. My friend then decided to “save” them on another drive - by copying (Control C) the project file name to that drive (rather than project back up). Of course that did not take the audio.
The other tunes that he did not do this to are all fine

An attempt to open the project from it’s original (pre- copy) location indicated all files were missing.

I found the files and opened the project successfully yesterday. I saved , shut down and was able to safely open the project.

Today, when I open the project, the files are missing. I am told “room_35” file is missing. I am told where the file should be- the path to the file ex ( drive A / He Knew/ Audio).

If I perform a Search under Resolve Missing Files, it can not be located on any drive

If I search the pool, the file is located where the path indicated (drive A / He Knew/ Audio) , it’s appropriate length- but has 0 bytes

When I select it, in the Media Browser, file status is ? , Path is ? . all other attributes are there in terms of track length, 44/16 , etc

If I go and search on my hard drives for these files, they can’t be located

I know they have not been deleted

Thanks for considering this request