Missing Filter bar?

I use the list editor often and I noticed that the Filter bar is now missing from it… It makes editing easier and is crucial for the list editor.
Am I doing something wrong here? :confused:

p. 525 of the Manual says it still there but when I edit an event there is no Filter bar!


Is it checked in the List Editor “Setup Window Layout” (F2)?

I am showing everything and it’s not even present on the setup list!

If they removed this…that would be asinine.


Hm. Windows only thing? Seems unlikely though.

*Thx for checking Steve! :wink:

I’m thinking it maybe be a Windows thing or maybe I have to re-install after all these updates… :unamused:

Also, that little window that’s similar to the one on the mixer panel to select the objects. I don’t see that…


Oh snap! Nevermind…now that I look @ my picture, I think I have it sorted…thx to your pic Steve!! :sunglasses:

Turns out, your Solution was right after all…


Glad you got it sorted. To bad you can’t boldface stuff in Cubase to make it easier to see like you do here, eh? :wink:

I am using Windows and the filter bar is not gone. Use the “Set up Window Layout (Shift + F2)” to enable/disable Filters.

Oops, TWO posts while I was posting that image! LOL