Missing Flags

Hi all,

I’m encountering what I think is a bug regarding straight flags.

In Engraving Options > Notes > Stems > Flag Design, I’ve chosen Straight Flags and I’ve saved that setting as the default.
Whenever I create a new project, flags do not appear on free-standing notes that are not beamed. They look like quarter-notes.
To make flags appear correctly, I have to go back to the Engraving Options, choose Default Flags, then change it back to Straight Flags.

I can reproduce the problem in this way:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Add a solo player > flute (or anything).
  3. Go to Write mode.
  4. Hit enter to begin entering notes.
  5. Add one eighth-note.
  6. If I save and re-open the project, the flags are still missing.

Am I doing something wrong?
I have attached an example project.

I’m running a Mac on Catalina, but I’ve had this problem consistently on Mojave as well.
Missing Flags.dorico.zip (419 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. I can see the problem. We’ll fix this in a future update.

Thank you, Daniel.