Missing Flow Heading

I’ve got a project where one part is missing one flow heading and I cannot figure out how that happened. That heading is only missing on one part, and the Layout Options are set to show Flow Headings. I’m not sure how I apparently removed one flow heading from one part, nor can I figure out how to get it back.

TIA for any help!


Do you have any page overrides? If so, right click on that page icon and remove them (for that page only).

Does the page where the flow heading is missing have a page override (in the panel on the right in Engrave mode)? If it’s the first flow in that layout, is “Show flow headings” in Layout Options>Page Setup set to “Not for first flow” ?

That did it. Still not sure how it happened, but there was an override and when I cleared it that heading is back. Thanks for your help…I figured I was missing something obvious. :wink: