Missing fonts again

Since switching to Mac, I’m getting a rather large “missing fonts” dialog on almost every file.

But after searching related posts… I’ve carefully checked and replaced every paragraph style with a font that is installed on my device. And some of the styles in the list don’t make sense.

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today_CW.dorico (1.2 MB)

From downloading the project, is this the font?

Where are you obtaining this and where/how are you installing it?

This looks like a font with an accent in the name - bound to cause trouble I suspect.

Truly beautiful font. I observe the price from the foundry Enschede that commissioned it is A$8000 or so. Gosh.

£400 for each style, or £4,900 for all 29. :astonished:

“I’m surprised that it isn’t used more often.”

Have you checked these two:

There’s no such style.

But, TBH, I turned off the Font warning dialog years ago, and I very rarely have any problems.


Yes indeed, it’s really beautiful!

Hmm… yes that was my question. And how did you get that column to expand? Mine is cut off so I can’t read the style name.

You can expand the window and drag the columns wider (though I note that the pointer doesn’t change, so you have do it blind.)

So what happens if you reset those two to remove the “Lining” style?

I can’t remove the Lining Style one; it’s being used in the project as well, a custom mod to allow me to display lining figures. Trinite’s default figures are oldstyle.

But that font is definitely installed on my device, and it displays correctly.

Trinité is too expensive…somehow Marc Weymann’s Formal looks very similar:


This is not the point of the post… at all…


When you’re using these kinds of extended font families with lots of different styles, you will inevitably encounter “missing” fonts when you swap between Windows and macOS. The two platforms have completely different and incompatible approaches to naming fonts. macOS allows fonts to have arbitrary style names, so a family can have as many named styles as required, and Windows only allows four fixed style names (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic), so for any style beyond that, you instead see (mostly nonsensical) additional families. So, say, on macOS, the condensed weight of Minion Pro has the family name “Minion Pro” and the style name “Condensed”, but on Windows, the same font has the family name “Minion Pro Condensed” and the style name “Regular”.

What I would like to do at some stage is make it such that Dorico remembers whatever substitutions you set in the Missing Fonts dialog can be automatically applied next time.

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Thanks Daniel. I do recall now that you’ve explained this before, sorry for making you repeat it.

I did indeed turn off the font warning dialog, and so far it’s been fine.

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