Missing Freezefiles after Backup Project

Cubase looses freeze files after Project Backup in the latest version of Cubase Pro 11 on WIN 10 up to date.
Namely, Cubase does not save all freeze files to the new location - but only some of your choice. It has already happened once on one of the previous versions.
Is there a solution to this problem or still waiting for Cubase 12?


So you know, which files are transferred to the backup folder and which are not, please? Did you find any pattern, please?

Now I have done a few tests. I work with Cubase PRO 11.41 with Windows 10 PRO - 21H1.
On some old songs the backup is done well, and on some the backup saved certain freeze files in the Freeze folder and some transferred to the Audio folder, but the projects open normally. Unlike yesterday, when Cubase showed (at the opening of the project) that all the instruments that are today in the Audio folder are unfroozen.
The only thing that could happen (after the analyzes) is that there were files in the Project Folder that remained after a few unfreeze / freeze actions (option: Keep Freeze Files). It is possible and most likely that it was a problem, because after “cleaning” those files, everything was ok! Anyway, thanks for reporting.