Missing functions in the C13-Transformer (MIDI plugin)

In Cubase 12 I created a preset for the MIDI transformer that converts the note number (pitch) of incoming note events into controller values, here specifically CC#74 values.

If I insert the transformer as a MIDI plugin in C13, I can load this old preset and it works correctly.
However, it no longer seems to be possible to create such a preset from scratch in C13.

For example, I haven’t found a way to insert a new line into the C13 transformer that implements the old “Value 2 → Use Value 1” function.


I would say, it’s:

Type | Set to Fixed Value | Controller
Subtype (MIDI Controller No.) | Set to Fixed Value | 74

The Main Value (which is the Pitch for the MIDI Note and the MIDI CC Value for the MIDI CC) remains.

(I haven’t tested it, thogh.)

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Hi Martin,
thank you for your feedback…
Unfortunately your transformer setting doesn’t work for me.
(I had already tried this setting before my last post).
This setting converts the velocity value to a controller value.
The note number doesn’t matter in this case.

But the transformation should look like this:

confirmed here

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Confirmed. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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I’ve just hit this problem. I can no longer get my C12 Transformer presets to work under C13. Any news of a fix?

This has not been fixed in 13.0.20 :unamused:

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Or in 13.0.21…

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not yet fixed.

Cubase 13 Release Notes | Steinberg


This suppose to be fixed in the next maintenance update.


Any news on when we can expect this fix?

Hi @The_Elf ,

As I mentioned earlier:

I know you said that earlier, but, please… when? It’s been two months!

Martin is not a Steinberg employee. Even if he did know when the next maintenance update is scheduled, he wouldn’t be at liberty to say.
I only know this because he has said as much in numerous posts in this forum.

I too wish bug fixes were taken cared of in a more speedy manner. The ones that bother me the most have been around for years.



There are rumors about Q1 2024. :wink:

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OK. Thanks.

Got tired of waiting today, so thought I’d use a midi plug-in to handle what I need. There should be something in the Pizmidi options. Yep - found it.

But then I remembered that Cubase doesn’t allow MIDI plug-ins.

The DAW with the longest history of MIDI support of them all… doesn’t… allow… MIDI… plug-ins.

Can we add this one to the list of improvement requests?

Not fixed in 13.0.30.

Not impressed.


This formula should do the trick (Set the MIDI CC1 value based on the Note Pitch):

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Type | Set to Fixed Value | Controller
Main Value | Use Subtype
MIDI Controller No. | Set to Fixed Value | CC1


Thanks for that.

The ‘Action Target’ name is still wrong (mine say Value 1/Value2, but they don’t exist in the drop-down), and my old presets still no longer work as loaded.

I can create new presets and they are working, so I’ll just go through and build new presets.

BTW - where would I apply that ‘formula’ you show above to create a preset? That might be a way for me to change some of my presets using a batch text editor.