Missing FX chain presets

Hi, does anyone know where I could find the “FX chain presets” that is supposed to come with Cubase? These are the presets that are loaded on the “Insert” rack on the mixer, but the results window comes up empty when I try to load an FX chain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

there is no FX Chain preset from Steinberg ! you have to make you own

Thank you Home Studio 87, I didn’t know that!

There are plenty of FX chains call Track Presets, which you would put in the usually in the send rack.

Are you saying you cannot find any Track Presets? :neutral_face:

FX Chain Preset is just Insert preset and tracjk preset is Insert + EQ + Strip !

Thanks galvinstephens, that clarifies things. I can find the track presets, I just thought that the FX chain presets were something seperate.

Thanks again Home Studio 87.

FX Chain Preset : User/Documents/Steinberg
Track Preset : User/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg
VST3 Preset : User/Documents/