Missing "GUITAR-STRUMMING-MODE" in Arpache SX and Key-Editor

Hi friends, for the users of single-tone-guitar-samples (like me) there’s missing a “GUITAR-STRUMMING-MODE” for realistic sounding strummed chords. Due to this the following features should be included:

In Arpache-SX:

  • it should be possible to leave the note-length (“Length”) UNTOUCHED, due to the existing note events (offcut or extended notes just sound strange, if I want a natural sounding guitar)
  • a “SEND-TO-TRACK” Function, to be able to manipulate the arpeggiated midi-events afterwards in the Key-Editor

In the Key-Editor:

  • a TURN-ARPEGGIO-AROUND-function to change the chronological order of selected note-events, so - for example - the first note is not anymore the lowest, but - after execution of the (desirably by rightclicking) selectable ARPEGGIO-function, it becomes the highest of the selected ones - AND - it’s CHRONOLOGICAL position maintaines the chord on the same (chronological) place (so the first note in matters of time will be - chronologically spoken (so not regarding the events’ key) - on the same place, where formerly was the (now-being) last note (feel free to have a look at my 2 screenshots - BEFORE

    and AFTER

    having triggered that desirable function).