Missing HALion Sonic sounds from Cubase, but not from standalone HALion

HI all.

I just noticed that in Cubase if I select HALion Sonic 3 as a instrument, it has a few sounds missing, but they are there if I run HALion Sonic 3 standalone.

In HALion Sonic 3 opened in Cubase, with no filters set, I have just the following 10 things above the GM stuff.

1210 BAckspin FX
1965 Combo
1984 Synth Stab
1990s Hit
1990s Synth Strings
5th Percussion Organ
60s Combo Organ
60s Drawbar Organ
80s Piano Layer
80s String Ensemble

Where as, if I run it standalone, I have 44 above the GM stuff (if I counted correctly) with various things from various categories. Not typing them all, but the first few are

12 String Acooustic
12 String Auto Strum 1
12 String Auto Strum 2
12 String Auto Strum 3
12 String Electric Ricky
12 String Steel
1210 Backspin FX
1965 Combo
1984 Synth Stab
1990s Hit
1999 Synth Comp
2 Coil Clean Tremolo
2 Coil Lite Crunch
3 Oct Bass

etc etc

If it helps, Clean install of win 10 creators edition, followed by clean install of Cubase 9.5, HALion 6 and Groove Agent 4.

I selected D:\VSTSOUND and D:\VST64 and D:\VST32 as the install paths whenever I’ve been given the options under the various installs.

No, I’m totally wrong.

The above is true if I select “HALion Sonic SE” from Cubase

If I select “HALion” (the non SE version of HALion sonic) or “HALion 6” in Cubase, the files are all there.

So it’s no big deal, although I was following a YouTube vid that used the “80s Bass ARP” in Halion Sonic SE as all Cubase owners have it.

Hmm, I’ve just had another look, something strange is happening (or more probably I’m being stupid)

here’s a screenshot of the other guy using 9.0, when he specifically chose to pick 80s Bass ARP as everyone should have it.

here’s a screenshot from me doing exactly the same thing in 9.5, but I have no 80s Bass Arp (note I only have 7 in the right hand side compared to his 54.

here’s a screenshot of me with no attributes at all selected, there’s still no 80s Bass Arp

So instead, I click on browse again and then insert the HALlon Sonic VST as per this screenshot

And low and behold, 80s Bass Arp is there as per this screenshot.

If anyone could explain whats going on I would be more than grateful

Many thanks

Just to say, due to another unrelated issue, I went back to a disk image I had before I installed my music software, I have since re-installed all my music software, and exactly the same thing as shown in the previous post is happening.

It’s not a real problem for me at all, it’s more I’m wondering why.