Missing HS Content (resolved)

I have HALion Sonic 2 as part of The Absolute VST Collection installed on my desktop recording PC and on my laptop. I switch my dongle over to whichever machine I’m using at the time. Everything is fine and all updates are done on my desktop. When I open up HALion Sonic 2 I get 19 libraries including the stuff from Absolute VST Collection.

A couple of days ago I updated Cubase on my laptop from 7 to 7.5 - including updating HS as well. On my laptop, I only see HS SE Artist, HS SE Basic, HS SE Hybrid, HS SE Pro and Trip. How did I lose all my other content and where can I find it or re-install it if need be? I used to have thousands of sounds available in HALion Sonic. Now only a few hundred maybe. I’m sure I did something silly stupid and hopefully this is an easy fix. I’m trying out a live gig rig at rehearsals with my laptop and two MIDI controllers using Cantabile as a VST host. I really am relying on HALion Sonic 2 and ALL its instruments to replace my workstation keyboards. So I really need to get them back. Any ideas what I did wrong and how I can fix it? As always, thanks in advance for any guidance.

(Edit: Sorry about starting another thread about this. I forgot about the other one until it happened to me! lol)

Steinberg Support has been working with me over the past two weeks or so trying different things. I’ve had school and sometimes it was a few days between emails and such but all is now good. The solution turned out to be that I had simply clicked on upgrade links when I updated from C7 to C7.5 and my Absolute VST Collection I also clicked a link to upgrade to HALion Sonic 2 from HS 1. Support was kind enough to sned me links to two ISO image files and told me to burn them and install from that. This straightened out my missing instrument issues wonderfully. I’m happy to report I’m back in business. Thanks to Jeff for all his patience and help!