Missing "HS User Library" Presets in Halion Sonic


None of the presets in “HS User Library” are showing-up in Halion Sonic (v 7.0.20).

Instead of seeing presets, I just see a small red dot.

When I click on the “HS User Library” icon, I get the following error message.

All the necessary VST Sound Archive files seem to be present (see below).

And when I double-click them, the Steinberg Library Manager informs me that they are already registered (though I don’t see them listed anywhere in the Library Manager).

I think the missing presets may be the ones highlighted in red below.

Thus far I have tried the following steps to make these presets show-up in Halion (without success):

  1. Re-install Halion Sonic
  2. Re-install Halion Sonic content (via Steinberg Download Assistant)
  3. Refresh Halion Soinic Content (within Halion)
  4. Re-register VST Sound Archive files (by double-clicking on files in Explorer)

Is there anything else that I can try?

I should note that all other libraries/presets in Halion are working perfectly. Also my problem occurs both in the standalone and plugin version of Halion Sonic (run from inside Cubase 13).

Thank you!