Missing HSO

Hi there,

I have just install my Cubase 6 Update from CS5. To make clean install I have removed all the CS5 Applications incl. HSO, which I have fully licensed since CS5. I have done fresh C6 install and fresh HSO install (which came with C6),
I can see sounds from HSO in Halion Sonic SE but there is no stand alone application HSO anywhere. What do I did wrong?

Thanks a lot

HSO content is supposed to be opened inside Halion Sonic SE.

In the HSSE patch browser, look for Halion Symphonic content. OK, you said it yourself - I’m a litle too trigger happy…

Thank you Whirly, shell I now install HSO 16-bit edition which came with CS5 as well?

Hello Dalibor

The “new” HSO content is not standalone anymore, and intergrated in Halion Sonic SE that is part of Cubase 6.

You can ofcourse also install the “old” HSO version.



If you want stand alone, yes. Or I believe if you upgrade to Halion Sonic … or wait for Halion 4, both of those products should be able to open the HSO sound sets in their stand alone instances. At least that’s how I understand it.

Thank you Chris and JMCecil, so if I decide to install “old” HSO I should not install the old content as well?

AFAIK the new content is not compatible with the old HSO engine; in this case you’ll need to install the old content as well.


I can only recommend to use the newly made HSO/HalionSonic content. This set supports the new VST expression and articulation features, the old version of course not.