Missing (Key) Command

Hi all,
I’m trying to replicate the Junkie XL macro to copy CC1 to CC11 to a key command (and integrate it in MetaGrid) and according to a tutorial I found I have to insert the command “Transport - Locate Selection”.

All I can find is the commands “Transport - Locate Selection End” and “Transport - Locate Selection Start”.

Am I missing something here? I’m on Cubase 9 pro 9.0.20 Build 209



I don’t really know but I would guess that Steinberg have added the Start and End options for more flexibility since the tutorial was written.
Did you try to set it up with Locate Selection Start?

Thanks for your reply, Grim.
I just found out if I use both Transport - Locate Selection Start” and “Transport - Locate Selection End”, it works

Isn’t that simply doing two movements of the cursor position with nothing else happening between?

If this is a copy paste operation then I would have thought all you need is cursor to be at start of selection you just copied…did locate selection start alone definitely not work or you just tried both first??

locate selection start alone did not work. I had to insert the locate selection end.

Interesting…thanks for confirming.