Missing Left-Right Channel Solo button in stereo tracks

I already asked on FB group to check if I was not missing something but no : it is impossible to easily put one of the channels of a stereo track in solo mode.
I am using many physical stereo effects to manage spatial rendering of my guitar (Source Audio Ventris and Nemesis placed in the FX loop of my 2 H&K guitar amps). As it is stereo, I create a stereo channel to record and mix the sound from the output (Red Box DI) of amps.
And I would appreciate to be able to easilly listen to only A or B channel, but the only tool I find is a pan level, not very easy to use when needing a fast result.
It appears that the only solution to do this is to create 2 mono tracks and group them :frowning:
Ok that’s a solution, but not so easy as every display is now separate.

Why can’t we solo individual channels of stereo tracks ?
This seems to be a so easy to implement feature ?

There’s a plugin that will do it, not sure if it’s the Cubase 6to2 one or a third party one (not at my DAW).



You can use either Mix6to2 or MixConvert V6 Cubase built-in plug-ins.

As answered previously, there are certainly plugins allowing this as side-effect, but not interested in adding more plugins for such an obvious task.
As there is a Solo button for mono tracks, it should be adapted for stereo tracks.


In the MixConvert V6 plug-in, there is Solo button for the Left Channel or Right Channel available.

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Yes, but not interested in adding plugin, would prefer that next Cubase update add this feature.


Then add feature-request tag, please.

Ok, done

It is not necessary for about 99% of the use cases… if you need this, add the mentioned plugin.

Where did you take your numbers from ?
There are many new usages of Cubase, may be you missed some of them.
But thanks for this opinion you were not obliged to express.

You were not obliged to express your feature request…