Missing licence message confusion

I am getting a message for a missing Groove Agent file (or licence). I have looked through the library and cannot see which one it is. I do not want to delete any standard file for GA.
Can anyone help explain this for me?

This is the library. Which one is it and should I delete it. Thanks in advance.

If you look at the details of one of the installed content you will see the folder , hopefully the file should be there under the same name as in the error message

Thanks for the reply FilterFreq.
Problem is I can’t see the content of the missing file as mentioned in the error message and I am not sure which one of the library (picture two) it is. I am sure its simple but I am confused. I just dont want to delete the wrong one.
I seem to have two Production Grooves, perhaps it is one of them.

Click through the message, then open Groove Agent. The missing library presets will all show up with red icons - can’t miss them. Look in the Library column to see which library they all belong too (you may need to enable the library column in settings). Here’s a screen cap since where you add the Library Name column since it is a little buried:

You can see the Library Name column showing up in the screen cap. Click on that header to sort by Library and then it will be easy to check if you just have one missing library or more.

Thanks heaps for your help SF Green.
I spent a long time looking based on the email message that arrived lol which was a condensed version of your message. I then clicked on here and found more information.

I then found where the missing files where in the library (not straight-forward but I got there with your help) but could not find out where to remove it. Whilst looking through the Steinberg Library Manager and the Steinberg Download Assistant, I found that there were some updates, patches and content needed to be downloaded. Once I did this it seemed to remove the error message.
Thanks again.