Missing logical editor presets/Logical Editor menu grayed out

My logical editor presets have disappeared. I can’t think that I’ve done anything to cause this: no updates etc.

As a test I created a new preset in the editor: it saved correctly and appeared in the (otherwise empty) preset list.

How do I reinstall the default presets (without having to reinstall the whole program if possible!)?

Thanks in advance!

Not in:
My Computer>Local Disk>Users>Your Name>AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase 10.5>Presets :question:

I don’t have that file path. Mine’s in Local Disk>Program Files>Steinberg>Cubase10>presets), but the presets are there…

You should definitely have that file path. Make sure you choose to ‘Show Hidden Items’.

Thanks for pointing out the hidden items…I’ve got to the presets folder…empty. I wonder if copy/paste from the path I mentioned above would solve it? I don’t have my elicenser here at work, so might give it a try later unless there’s a better way?

If you want to have the factory presets you can copy to/from the corresponding folders.

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5\Presets*
%AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Presets*

Thanks Steve and J Buckingham…problem solved.

Thanks guys. You solved the same missing presets problem for me.

Now I’m wondering if there are more files I should copy to the AppData file path.
And why do we need to copy them in the first place?


I have the same problem with V11 Pro while I can see the files on C:\program files\steinberg\Logocal Editor. Can anyone advise where do I need to copy the file to? (I am on PC Windows 10)
Amram Leshed

I have just upgraded to Cubase Artist 11 from elements 9.5 and i can see the logical presets in its folder: Program Files / Steinberg / Cubase 11 / Presets / Logical Presets
BUT… its greyed out when using the program ???
I too need help please