Missing Loopmash, HALion Sonic SE content in Cubase 6

I am running 64-bit Cubase 6 on a Windows 7 PC and I can’t seem to find any content for HALion Sonic SE or Loopmash. According to the Media Bay the content is missing. I’ve tried a rescan but it makes no difference. Any ideas?

In my computer too (Windows Xp)
forum 22.JPG
Already scan my dongle with eLinceser and still not found it.


I’ve fixed Loopmash by copying the content from the master CD. Have uninstalled and reinstalled HALion Sonic SE without success. Just a thought - I have HALion 3 loaded and recently updated it. Could that be the problem?

I as using Halion Sonic Trial and it finished 31th october… I unticked HS from my plug in list. But still the problem on.

OK I’m getting somewhere - I’ve found the content but Cubase refuses to recognise it. Where is the content supposed to be installed? Is this a permissions issue?

Anybody out there could help me. Still found not way to fix my problem.