Missing Music Fonts after 2.2 update?

I’m having trouble. After updating to 2.2, Dorico seems to have lost or misplaced all of it’s music fonts. Anyone else seeing this or have a solution?

Windows 10
Created in 2.1 - this is what happens when opening in 2.2
Using default “Classical Guitar” template
Using Bravura. Results are no better switching to Petaluma.
Music fonts also missing for newly created files, so it doesn’t appear to be file corruption, but a program-level problem.

Thanks for your help!

please restart your PC

Can we seriously make this a sticky. Goodness.

could it be a message or option after it runs the installation script?

It is - people just ignore it!

I must be showing my age. I habitually restart any time I remove a program or add or update one.
(Or it could be my former computer background.)

(Of course, Dan, your Finale background probably predisposes you to “restart the program/reboot the computer” whenever there is a problem. :laughing: )

Most of my trauma is some form of, “Hey I’m done writing this piece! …Now for 10 hours of nudging things with the mouse to make the score presentable.”

Well, that too, perhaps.

Sincerely sorry for the trouble. I thought of this after firing off the question and it’s honestly pretty embarrassing. Thanks for your patience.

Lol don’t mind us. We’re like the cranky old guys in the rocking chairs. Hope it fixed it for you.

For what it’s worth, I never saw a reminder message to re-start - it just said Click Finish to complete the installation. Just an observation; not a problem.

Ok. I installed the exact same Dorico version on my LapTop and on my Desktop.
Yesterday I created a file with ‘Jazz Text’ Font in the train on my Laptop. Today I opened it on my desktop and that’s the result:

The complete Jazz-Font is missing on my Desktop.
And ‘yes’ I re-started my computer, I restarted Dorico…nothing…

Peer, “Jazz Font” is not a Dorico font. Did you ever install it on your desktop?

Ok…I was afraid it was not a Dorico font…maybe it came with Sibelius. But I have Sibelius on both computers, too.
Thanx for the hint in any case Leo. I’ll install it manually.

it’s not a Sibelius font either…

yes…I found it in Home-> Library -> Fonts on my Laptop and just copy-pasted it to my Desktop.
All fine here. Thanx

Jazz Text is a Finale-bundled font. It should be installed in /Library/Fonts (not the user equivalent).