Missing New Instrument "Trip" and layer edit pages

Like the title says, I cannot edit any instrument preset in Halion Sonic SE. It says “No Layer Edit page found, please make sure that the required instrument set is correctly installed.”
I also can’t find the new instrument that came with version 7.5. How do i load trip into Halion? The help will be much appreciated, I can’t find how to solve this anywhere.

As a side note, I am able to load all the presets, I just can’t edit any of the parameters. Not even the amp envelope, which I remember I was able to edit before. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated, been trying to solve this for a while.

I can’t find ‘Trip’ either …

It is very possible that it is there.
You just have to pick the right presets out of ALL the other presets.
I found it at last…

But there has to be a way to choose the trip synth by itself and only those presets?
Such a hard plugin to navigate in :unamused:

Reset all preset filters, then Trip should show (you may need to enable the left pane as well if it’s not showing.

You can’t edit the included presets, you have to copy them and edit the copies.

@adresgp: missing graphical layers indicate that something went wrong during the installation and files were not copied to the location where the plugin expects it to find.
I would try deinstall and reinstall the halion SE2 program. There can be a ton of reasons why something goes wrong during installation, and most of the times a retry helps.

I am also missing TRIP no where to be found. Does anyone know why tis may be?

I know I’m kind of beating a dead horse with this post but I was having this problem too. I just realized I don’t see Trip. @roel set me on the correct path. In my case, I went to my Cubase 7.5 install folder where all my .exe and .msi installers are and found the Halion se2 installer. I just ran that and setup said that Hse2 was already installed but the content was not for some reason. So, in short, I re-ran the Hse2 installer and it installed the missing content for me.
Voila! Trip showed up in my search filter along with a bunch of other stuff I didn’t realize I was missing.