Missing or doubled Flow Titles in parts


I’m preparing a worksheet for an orchestral recording. I have 22 flows. As I am making parts I am encountering a strange issue: The flow titles in some parts are missing. Other times they are doubled (like flow 8 title appears twice).

Anyone else having an issue like this?

I’m able to fix it by deleting the part layout and creating a new one. But then the problem resurfaces sometimes with the new parts too.

I’m using Dorico 3, Mac OS 10.14

A. Any overrides on the pages, as shown as coloured corners in the top right corner of Engrave mode?
B. Are you trying to use multiple columns of frames on a page, or stacking flows very very close to each other? If so, it’s pretty easy to confuse the Flow Headings code - it pulls the information from the nearest flow, in any direction. If this is the case you may need to override manually and use indexed tokens, e.g. {@flow8Title@} for the title of Flow 8.

Here’s one from where Flute 2 is Tacet for a few of the worksheets, and #12 is missing

I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a situation before, but honestly I’ve never worked on worksheets that involve tacet flows. Sorry!

Can you include the whole project, or at least a screenshot of the whole screen? The crucial bit we can’t see is the Pages panel on the right.