Missing Padshop/Retrologue MPE Libraries On Reinstall

Had a drive failure where the Steinberg Libraries were located. So new drive and re-downloaded-installed all of them but now each time C12 starts it tells me that two are missing out of the 50 that were registered before. Have attached images of both alert screens.
Am wondering if these two libraries were part of the original Padshop and Retrologue (not V2) installations… but heh… I don’t know, hence this post. Hope someone can help, thanks in advance.

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I think those two are not part of Cubase anymore from v12

The MPE presets added in Cubase 10 are missing from the Steinberg Download Assistant for some reason, but they’re available from the Padshop and Retrologue content ISOs provided by Steinberg here.

I’ve uploaded the MPE preset files you’re missing below:

MPE_Sounds_Padshop_Retrologue.zip (340.4 KB)

Retrologue and Padshop are based on Halion technology, and will continue to be updated and included with Cubase for the foreseeable future. You’re thinking of the legacy VST instruments Mystic, Prologue, Specter, first included with Cubase 4 back in 2006. These 3 plugins were made in cooperation with a third party developer, and unfortunately couldn’t be ported to Apple silicon.

If you’re on Windows, you can still restore them if you have a previous version of Cubase installed by following instructions posted by other users in this forum. Needless to say, doing this is not officially supported by Steinberg.


Thanks once again Romantique, and very kind of you to upload those files, saving me the trouble of download/extract from the ISOs (which I also doubt I would have ever found myself).
I don’t know if those MPE presets are relevant to any of my projects to be honest, but I hate any ‘mysteries’ when it comes to my DAW so am very grateful indeed.
Successfully registered both - no more errors and 50 out of 50 once more :grinning:

thank you from me too