Missing playback device in 1.2.10, Win10


I have gone through the FAQ and Antony’s excellent video, reinstalled multiple times, and still cannot solve this.

I recently reinstalled Windows 10, and with it, Dorico as I had it on my previous installation, with all of the same associated hardware. Previously, Dorico would detect both of my external audio devices: a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 (FireWire) and an 02+SDAC (USB Dac / headphone amp).

This current installation only detects the Saffire. Previously, I could select either the Saffire or the SDAC under Device Setup > Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver > Device Setup. There were tick boxes for both interfaces. Now, only the Saffire appears.

Again, I have gone through all of the recommended steps multiple times, reset my MediaBay, completely uninstalled / reinstalled all Dorico and HALion content, and I cannot find the solution to this. I also have ensured that both interfaces are powered up before starting Dorico.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

So the Saffire and 02+SDAC don’t have dedicated ASIO drivers then, right?
And you use both via the Generic Low Latency Driver?

If that is so, try and open the Device Setup dialog and then press the Control Panel button, another little window appears.
In that new window is at the top some option called ‘Allow ASIO host applications to take exclusive…’
If you toggle that option, does then the O2 appear in the list of output ports?

And do you own some other audio software, e.g. a DAW like Cubase, Ableton, etc.?
Does the 02 work with such other programs?

Thanks for the reply!

The Saffire uses dedicated drives; the 02+SDAC is class compliant and gets automatically recognized by windows as a USB audio device; there is no manufacturer-supplied driver.

I had the same thought and already tried toggling that option, to no effect. I tried unticking exclusive mode setting for the 02 in Windows Sound settings in general, and that didn’t change it either.

Yes, both devices work perfectly and I can choose them at will in my DAW (Reaper) or in any other playback software.

The only variable I can think of between my previous and existing installations is that I may have been on an earlier build of Dorico 1.2. My suspicion is that there may be a bug in this build detecting USB audio devices.

My next step is going to be trying ASIO4ALL to see if Dorico will recognize it as an emulated ASIO device.

ASIO4ALL is definitely worth a try. But if that doesn’t work, then I’m also pretty much out of steam…

Except for: How about the sample rate setting of the O2 and Dorico? If Dorico wants to use it e.g. with 48kHz, but the device is set to 44.1kHz, then it might not get recognized as compatible and therefore not shown in the list of output ports.

ASIO4ALL solved it! I still can’t get why the SDAC wasn’t being detected by the generic setting as it used to be, but this works and I’m happy to keep using it.

Here’s the link for those who don’t know what this is:

I’m sure you saw my reply about ASIO4ALL being a workable solution.

I already had tried the sample rate adjustments you suggest. The device was set to 96 kHz; Dorico would not recognize it no matter what sample rate I selected there. Very odd, I know.

At any rate, thank you so much for your helpful responses.

Small suggestion for the FAQ:

Add ASIO4ALL as a potential playback device fix for users in my situation. I believe Antony’s video covered every other conceivable option, but in my case, none were the culprit.