Missing Players after "importing flow"

HI all,

I use Dorico elements, which only allows for 12 players. The problem I’m facing is probably related to that limit.
I have an existing project with 12 players (pushing the limit :smiley: ), and I want to import a flow from an other related project ( that has a subset of the 12 players). Unfortunately, the result is that some of the players are not imported.

I use the “merge with Existing Players” option, but somehow Dorico can not match all Players, hence leaving some out.
My question is: what are the exact requirements that i need to fullfill to have Dorico “Match” players.?

Being bound to max 12 players i can work with, but I would expect a little bit more flexibility when it comes down to importing Flows…

Feature request…, it would be nice to have a dialog that enables manual Mapping to override the default behaviour.

Make a copy of the project that you want to import, and change the instruments/Players to make sure that they are exactly the same as in the ‘receiving’ project.

Thanks Benwiggy for the quick response,
I did so, but still it is not “matching” . I have made the Player names and Instrument names the same, still the drums and Bass are not matching.
Is there any checking being done “under the hood” ?.

If it’s just one or two parts missing, somethings the quickest is to open both projects and copy/paste the missing part(s) into the new project.

Certainly yes, there is checking going on under the hood. The instruments held by the incoming players must actually be identical, otherwise Dorico can’t merge them with the existing players.

Hi ,

Checking and reassigning the instruments did part of the trick.
Only for drums i was not able to change anything, so I just copied the part over. That works as well.


I would actually be happy to see a „match players“ feature in the future, where, after automatically matching players, the list is presented and one can change or force matches.
If a player doesn’t hold an instrument I forced-match, it should be added to the players instrument list.

This is similar to ProTools feature to import and match tracks and would be a lovely workflow.
I regularly do arrangements of musical theater in collaboration, and if I decided to add another shaker to our percussionist, my colleague who will put all together in a master file wouldn’t have the need to check instruments/players before importing.

See the most recent Discover Dorico video, which is about what is possible in Dorico SE, and includes a section on ways to work round the 2-player limit. The same ideas should work in Elements.