Missing Plug-ins when Opening WL6 Montage

Using Win 7. Just installed 8.0.2 and tried to open a Wavelab 6 Montage. It starts to open, but get a window that says all the plugins (UAD, Waves, Sonnox) are missing (they were clip plugins in the WL6 montage). If I convert the WL6 montage in WL7 first, and then open THAT in WL8, all the plugins appear fine in the WL8 montage. Will Wavelab 8 not completely convert a WL6 montage with clip plugins directly? There’s nothing unusual or changed in my folder locations, and all the plugins appear fine in Wavelab 8 plugin organization, they’re just not found in the Wavelab 6 montage convert. Also, no plugins appear in the “Replacement” (right hand side area) of the “Missing Plug-Ins” window.

The plugin remapping must be done when opening a WaveLab 6 montage. This is normal that the right column is empty, because WaveLab could not find how to rename them itself. Your choices are optionally persistent, which means it will be faster for the next times.

Thanks PG. Only thing is, when I click anywhere in the Replacement column on the right-hand side to re-map the plugins, it just closes the “Missing Plugins” window completely and doesn’t let me re-map anything, and doesn’t open the montage.

Strange. And if you right click?
What OS?

If I right click, the same thing, it just closes the window. Using Win 7.

By which method do you open the montage? Drag and drop or Standard file selector?

Standard File Selector

I can’t reproduce this problem. I will see if someone at Steinberg can.
To summarize: you see this kind of dialog:
and as soon as you click in the right colum, the dialog closes, without showing any menu.
Is that right?

Yes exactly. I must warn you I have Norton installed on this machine, which I’ve never known to conflict with all the past versions of Wavelab, but which itself had a new problem that went away when I uninstalled 8.0.2 a few hours ago. (Norton was having an unusual problem, and it went away when I uninstalled WL 8.0.2). I’m just speculating at this point, but maybe has an effect.