Missing Plugin

Hey guys,

I mixed a medium length feature film in April using EQuickMono from DMG Audio on every vocal tracks and automated a lot of parameter. In summer, I switched workstation, from windows to Mac and everything actually worked fine, as I normally used the EQuick and not EQuickMono. Now, when I open this „old“ project every plugin links up, also the „normal“ EQuick, but not the Mono one… I can’t find any reason besides that the EQuick is Vst and Vst3 and I assume that the vst3 version get linked. That being said, I can add the EQuickMono to any channel, but it do not link from the previous session, it shows „missing plugin". I’m trying a lot of solution and I just wonder if you have any workaround, because that’s a lot of automation that I’d loose…
I actually have a stem track from the session, but I need to rework a few scenes since there is a picture change… All other plugins get linked like they should…
I offer a lot of beer to anyone who can help out!

I’ve got the solution, the problem was the plugin itself. The DMG Support kindly helped me out and everything work fine now, but there is a bug in their plugin, so if you are facing the same problem, just send them a message.

best, Vinylist