Missing Plugin

Upgraded from to cubase 12 pro , from artist 12. F.exs Fx Modulator missing.

Does it show in the vst manager and is it’s dll file installed in the vst folder that Cubase scans?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase Artist and Pro is the very same application (the same executable, the same preferences). It’s unlikely something would change by the license change.

Make sure you have the latest update of the plug-in installed, please. If you reinstalled Cubase, try to reinstall it again. If you are on Windows, install it as administrator, please.

Thank you. No, I cant find it anywhere.

Thank you. I have reinstalled it many times. The problem might come from when I uppgraded from Artist 10 to Artist 12. I am on Windows. Im gone try to reinstall one more time.

The issue comes from the Plug-in Manager.
Are you currently using a custom plugin list ?
If that is the case, the new plugins are not added automatically, you have to add them manually.

The issue can also come from updating from a previous version that did not contain the plugin, and in the process it most likely migrated the settings, including the PluginManager.xml file.
If you are also experiencing the problem with the Default list, then this is the file to remove, or if you don’t want to lose your custom lists, you’ll have to edit it manually with the notepad.
This is very easy, just look at how the tree is made and add a new line where the plugin is missing / supposed to be.

Thank you. I am looking for the dll file , but cant find it anywhere.

Thank you all. Ive found it, and its solved.