Hello everyone,

I’ve seen people circle around this topic- but absolutely nothing touches it directly. I moved to a new computer (Mac, M2, Sonoma). I also got Cubase 13 Pro.
I downloaded everything fresh on my new computer- all ~200 plugins.

I go to open a(n old) project. Most of the plugins work. Some Kilohertz, and XLN Audio and Slate Digital plugins are coming up as ‘missing’. I go to the plugin manager. They are there, but as VST3 versions. I am trying to get these plugins to work. As a side note, I see ONLY VST3 plugins in the plug-in manager. There is absolutely no way to get VST2 in there. I’ve added ‘VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings’ folders (which for Mac is Macintosh > Library > Audio > Plug-ins > VST) and rescan. It says 0 New VST Effects found. Does not blacklist anything. Just says nothing found.

I re-downloaded XLN and there other plug-in providers- same exact situation. I tried deleting and re-adding the VST folder (houses VST2 files). and rescanning for them - nothing. I tried putting the VST folders in the VST 3 folder and rescanning. Nothing. I tried deleting all my plugins and downloading all the old VST and VST3 files from my old machine. That made things worse. Restored to fresh plugin downloads - Only VST3 plugins and the missing plugin message.

Where I’m at:
I have a plugin, let’s say XLN DS-10, in my project. I open project- it says the plugin is missing. I can add DS-10 right next to the !!!MissingPlugin!!! file, but can’t interact with the ‘missing plugin.’

My guess:
All of these missing plugins were VST2 versions (very doubtful, but reaching for any possible solution) and for some reason Cubase isn’t able to add ANY VST2 plugins. Can’t even blacklist them- just doesn’t recognize them.

Please, please- anybody help me. I’m at two weeks and I really wanted to evaluate if my new Mac could handle these projects to see if I should return the Mac- and I can’t even do that with Cubase being non functional…

THANK YOU tremendously if you can lend some help.

PC guy here, so don’t know about the Mac/VST2 issues.

But if your purpose is to evaluate the computer’s performance you don’t need to use Cubase 13 to do that. You could install the last version of Cubase that supported VST2 and use that for the evaluation. Both versions can be run concurrently.

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Yes. If I’m correct you need to run it in Rosetta to have the ability to access the VST2 units. Even so I have VST3 units that do not work like frohmager. But I believe this is on the devs side not Steinberg’s to update the plugins

I appreciate the idea, yet I need to know specifically- if my exact workflow, with my use of certain plugins and virtual instruments, operate effectively on this machine.

You need to run Cubase under Rosetta 2. Open your application folder, select Cubase 13 app, press command-i and mark “open using Rosetta”

Now open Cubase as normal. You will see a message in the splash screen about running as rosetta. Most (if not all) your plugins will run.

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Honestly this scared me. But I have very much enjoyed having to slim down what I would normally use and get used to the tools available that are in VST3.
There’s still more than enough sounds and effects for the rest of my life lol.
I understand the quandary though

You are an absolute DIAMOND!! Valuable, friendly, concise information. Thank you x 1000. I hope someone helps you in a huge way like you’ve helped me.

I like the philosophy, and that’s what I’ll back into