Missing Plugins - Lost Settings When Replacing

Probably a long shot, but I recently had some issues with an iTunes update (to do with an iPhone update when plugged into my MacBook) causing a bunch of Plugins to not load properly (In particular: TDR Limiter 6 GE).

After solving that particular issue (and re-installing and re-scanning plugin folders etc) I found that when opening a previous Wavelab Pro 9.5 session that some plugins needed to be replaced, as the Plugin menu structure had changed (moving the plugin locations about in the menu/sub-menus).

I can replace the Plugins fine and they all work, however the original settings don’t populate and are lost (causing changes to the audio). I realise that because the plugins are being ‘replaced’ that they are essentially new initialised versions of each Plugin, but I was wondering:

a) Is there any way to replace plugins while still retaining the original settings (without saving individual effect settings on each plugin)

b) Is there a way to change the way Wavelab Pro 9.5 reads the Plugin Menu and perhaps re-organise it so it can find the Plugins as if it were the original menu structure (and hence not needing to replace them at all).

Hope that makes sense, any assistance would be much appreciated :slight_smile:



I played around with the Custom Category settings within the Plugins/Organize tab until the conflicting Plugins correctly matched (took a re-scan of the plugins on next launch for this to take affect).

Still not exactly sure why the menus changed (possibly to do with Plugin Alliance update/re-install), but happy that all my previous sessions now populate the plugins with the correct settings again.