Missing Plugins


I recently bought Wavelab Elements 9.5.

It seems to be very low on effects.

I can not find any EQ or Echo or limiter.

Is there any way to buy these plugins?

Thanks, have a nice day =)

Regards Joel Hellman

These plugins are available, look more.

OK =)

Look where?

Online or in Wavelab?

// Joel

There have to be at least 10,000 plugins both free and for sale on line. Type in what you are looking for and go for it.
Plugins range in price from free to over $500.00. Wavelab is a DAW not a repository for plugins.
My favorite plugins are shown here.https://www.fabfilter.com/ They are not cheap but they work and work well.
If you are looking for a lot of free plugins go to here https://blog.landr.com/best-free-vst-plugins/ Not sure what you are looking for but effects plugins work with WL, instrument synths do not.
Best of luck!

These are the plugins available in Wavelab Elements:

Try Studio EQ, Roomworks, Limiter, Compressor, Brickwall Limiter, and the others. All should be available to select in the Effects slots of the Master Section, and in the effects slots of tracks, clips, and montage master of montages.

Also MasterRig should be available to select, which includes multiple effects: EQ, limiter, compressor, etc:

I was gonna say…maybe post a screen shot of the plugins you are seeing and we can tell if it’s normal, and if you’re looking in the right spot for the plugins.

Even Elements comes with a basic set of plugins to get you started.