Missing Ports ... always


i have a Micro Lite from motu. it’s USB 5xmidi interface.
each time i load a session i get the window Missing Ports. with the midi ports used with microlite.
But the ports are here. and they have exact same name.
so each time i manually select them from drop down list (again same name as the ones “missing”) and i check “always”
but nuendo keep asking.

any suggestion ?

Same here when opening projects that have been saved with an earlier version (< 8.1).
But resaving does the trick here, at least in the few cases I’ve done this yet.


With microlite too ? Or other tools.


always missing something
always recreate links at loading session, always tick the “always” box

… always missing.
or maybe the “always” tick box is for nuendo to always forget it ?

Hello, I used to have the same issue with microlite. When I first had the microlite, I was using Windows 7, and it was never a problem. It wasn’t introduced to me until Windows 8 and future versions of windows.

I noticed that if I turned on my PC and quickly jumped into Nuendo, it would intermittently show as the ports missing. The workaround is to wait a few minutes after bootup. I gauge the time by looking at the process completion for Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Once I see the blue circle change to a green check, Nuendo always finds the ports. This was very frustrating for me. At first, I thought it was the drivers. Then, I bought a new microlite and that didn’t solve it. And then one day it dawned on me that the PC had booted up so fast, yet my mouse hadn’t shown up yet and but after few seconds it did. It just made me think, perhaps, when windows changed over to the fast boot up, something changed in the way USB ports are activated.

wow thanks … very interesting.
well maybe i should try other USB port for the microlite. i don’t remember having that on previous nuendo.