Missing ports / Unmapped / VST Instruments disconnected

Hi all,

Last week I worked on a project based on a custom template with MIDI tracks and 16 VST Instruments.

When I opened the project again, I got a popup Missing ports. All ports appear to be unmapped and in the popup list, the VST Instruments don’t appear. The VST Instument list is empty, while the project structure still shows that I did use VST Instruments. The MIDI information is still in the project, but obviously no sound is heard on playback.

Between saving and opening the project, no changes have been made in my configuration. Other recent projects based on a similar custom template work fine.

The only possible solution I found on the forum is to delete the files in the folder Library > Preferences > Cubase Essential 4, which I tried without success.

According to Steinberg, the file is corrupted and there is no possibility to repair it. Obviously, reconnecting all 16 VST Instruments, reassigning the MIDI tracks and fixing all instrument and mixer settings is a hell of a job and the risk still exists that the error reoccurs. So if anyone knows a solution, it would be appreciated!

looks like no one helped you, thats not great service or accountability. I am not a angry camper at all, I just like real solid solution fixes and things working second one … day one