Missing Ports


I’m an solo basement acoustic hack and received the Lexicon Alpha Desktop Studio with Cubase 5 as a Christmas present. I have no experience with recording/mixing and have quite a bit of learning with the studio and software.

After reading through everything and installling everything, the basics seem straight forward, however, I’m getting a missing ports message when I create projects or attempt to run the tutorials. It’s basically telling me that my Mic and HD Output Speakers are not connected.

I’m running on a Dell D630 Laptop running Windows XP Professional with 2MB Ram and an Intell T7100 DuoCore 1.8 GHz CPU. I’ve only connected a Mic to the Alpha to record/Monitor Acoustic Guitar and Vocals through the Mic. I’ve checked and reinstalled the Alpha drivers and can see them in System. Windows reports the drivers as enabled and I’ve checked all of the properties to ensure nothing is disabled. All devices have the “Use the audio features of this Devivce” radio’s checked. I’ve been through the Knowledge Base on this site and other Forum posts and found nothing on the “Missing Ports” dialouge that Cubase is serving up when I attempt to create or open a project.

I am able to to monitor through the Alpha, but Cubase doesn’t seem to see the inputs outputs so I can’t record, mix and/or add effects.

I’m hoping someone has some suggestions that can get me over the hump.

HD output speakers sounds like the onboard soundcard, not the Alpha.
Go to device setup and make sure you select the Lexicon ASIO driver, not some generic or direct x driver. After that, go to VST connections (F4) and check all in and outputs are set correctly.