Missing repeat sign on staves with different time signatures

The repeat sign is missing at the end of a section with multiple time signatures. It plays back correctly and it’s not a big issue in full score, but in the parts for the instruments where it’s missing the players will see the form incorrectly. Anybody any idea how to fix (or fake) it?

Btw, the length of the section in both time signature variants is the same (64 sixteenth notes), so it loops neatly.

Barlines are associated with time signatures. Have you tried ALT+Entering a repeat barline before the 5/16 time signature change?

That does seem to be able to lead to unexpected repeat playback.

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Indeed, that’s a shame. But at least now I can fix the parts to look correctly. Thank you!

It would be helpful to know whether your main time signature was the 4/4 or the 16th-based time signatures.

addedRepeat.dorico (708.0 KB)

I just tried this out as a simple test and it seems to be a problem if you enter the meter first and then try to change the barline. It works, though, if you have the repetition barline there and add the meter change later. So it can be fixed by deleting the local meter (the repitition shows up where it should) and then just reentering it at the same place (opt+Enter).
Of course it should work the other way around, too, so I consider this a bug/unexpected behaviour… let me know if this works for you!

PS: Derrek’s Workaround seems to work, too, you may reenter the repetition barline before the custom meter change via popover: Shift-B, type in “end”, alt/opt+Enter; or just alt/opt+click the repeat ending in.
PPS: Both workarounds seem to destroy playback, resulting in an endless cycle of the repeated part, suppress playback for the local repetition ending does not seem to help. You can turn off to play repetitions globally in the playback options, though, to get to the end of the piece.

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The main is 4/4. Thanks for your suggestion, I managed to fix the parts!

Thanks for all the tips! I ended up having it looking as it supposed to look, which resulted in an extra playthrough of the entire piece, so I just manually chopped the mp3 later. It works if I don’t have to do it too often, but it’s a pity that it’s not solved neatly (like the rest of this program haha).