Missing rests in second voice.

Notation question. Should there be an eighth rest before the f in the bottom voice ?
Can’t seem to get one. Also can’t seem to remove that quarter rest. The “starts voice” rest override doesn’t seem to do anything here.
2019-01-06 23_20_19.png

Is the first quarter rest set to “ends voice”?

In general, avoid using “starts voice” or “ends voice” unless absolutely necessary (and you know what you’re doing).

Instead, select the rests you want to remove, Edit—Remove Rests.

the diagram does not reflect the start/end voice override.
Should there be an 8th rest before the f in the bottom voice by default ?

I think the rests for upstem and downstem voices overlap in that particular rhythmical place, that’s why you only see one. Put out the color mode and you’ll find it ok. To make sure I’m right about it, write an 8th note in upstem voice there, you’ll see the 8th rest downstem voice appear…

In Dorico Pro, you have control over this via the options on the Rests page of Notation Options, but of course you have to live with the defaults in Dorico Elements.

yes, you are right.
true… it does not look as puzzling when you remove the colors. The eye does not focus on the “missing” rest.