Missing rests when copying and pasting music

I am brand new to Dorico and trying to get my old score adapted for dorico. I do have two separate files I’m working with: XML import from Sibelius, and a new template into which I’m pasting parts from XML import. When pasting Flute2 at bar 17 rests disappear before and after I paste in the music? Any suggestions what might be going on? Thanks!

Most likely, the first and last notes of the music you pasted have the property ‘starts voice’ and ‘ends voice’ set (which may be due to copying from a part where flute 2 is written as a second voice). If you uncheck those properties in the bottom panel, the implicit rests will reappear.

If you mean that rests precede the notes in a measure, select the rests as well as the notes in the source, before copying and pasting.

Alternatively, you can move the caret to where you want the begin paste, by going to Shift+N and right-arrowing to the spot. You might need to adjust the grid to an appropriate beat division (quaver, semiquaver or whatever) to get it exactly right.

Or again, you can paste it then shift it by using Alt+right-arrow while the pasted notes are still highlighted.

Thank you guys for your willingness to help.
Piotr, your solution did work. I also would pick your brain, and since you seem to know the program well, about VST instances and ‘playback template’. I am brand new to it and wanted to use my EWQL with dorico. I loaded all instruments from a template someone posted in the forum, but percussions were missing (they used HSO) on there and didn’t know why. I went back, and loaded these instruments manually by adding new PLAY instance in VST, but some didn’t work at all while others played fine. I also wanted to load additional five more instances of strings into my VST and could not save it after pressing ‘save endpoint configuration’? Any idea what’s going on? thanks

Hi Jakub, thank you, I’m glad my suggestion was useful. But I’m afraid I know very little about VSTs, it’s a blind spot for me. I only use NotePerformer, and for the rest I rely on my imagination… But there are many people on this forum who are exceptionally versed in the use of sound libraries and expressions maps, so I’m confident someone else will be able to help you.
PS: welcome to this very friendly forum!

Thanks Peter!