Missing Screen Layout Presets in HALion 6

Has anyone else found their screen layout presets in 6 show no Steinberg presets? I know they should be there but all I have is some old custom presets I made in 5, nothing from Steinberg. It would make following Steinbergs excellent getting started videos a little easier if I could find those presets. Any ideas anyone?

I dont know. I had to setup a user preset for Halion 6 that i custum adjusted.
As fas as i know there was only the default preset in Halion 6.

The Halion screenset system is super unintuitive but also super-powerful.

I spent a few hours getting my head around it, then worked out how to configure and save (and back-up) my own default.

It’s located here:
C:\Users\your_name\Documents\Steinberg\HALion 6\Sub Presets


Ive just using Halion ^ and have noticed that there are no factory screen presets for me to choose from. Any solutions to this?

Thanks fro any help in advance.

Kind regards