Missing settings on the Status line

On page 45-46 of the Operation Manual it mentions that “Audio Outputs” and “Audio Inputs” should be shown in the status line - I’ve never seen them. Are these setting only shown under specific circumstances?
It also mentions a setting called “Project Audio Pull” which is also absent - but does anyone have any idea what in fact the audio pull setting is?

These missing settings were obviously (supposed to be) introduced with Cubase Pro 8 as they aren’t mentioned in previous Op. Manuals.

Looking through the manual I keep noticing things being referenced and described that simply don’t exist, at least on Windows. Are these perhaps Mac speciallities?

Another I found regarding the Colors Dialog. It references ‘buttons’ for Insert new color, inc/dec color intensity and brightness. These functions are available in the optins pulldown menu which is also described, but there are no dedicated buttons.
Perhaps they had a lot more stuff planned that just didn’t make it into the build in time.

It might be a useful idea to start a specific thread dedicated to Operating Manual errata. Preferably with no added opinions dressed in colourful language…

Such a thread might also prove useful for the Doc team for revisions, and in turn help us by improving ‘our’ documentation.

Strange. Is that maybe because they are not activated in the status line set up menu?

There you have it. I don’t know if anyone got any wiser, but… :wink:

It appears to be a Nuendo feature. Here’s how it is explained in the Nuendo manual:

On page 761, follows a description of audio pulling that’s too long to repeat here. Could it be that Nuendo has made a guest appearance in the Cubase manual.

It does, however, lead to an important question. Can the Cubase manual be trusted? We use the Cubase manual for instructions on how to operate Cubase. Not Nuendo, Logic, Pro Tools, Photoshop, or any other software!!

Steinberg should really make it’s proof-readers redo their work correctly, to make sure that there are no other instructions for the wrong program.

Works here - check the set-up options.


As you can see the options are nowhere to be found. Perhaps it’s time for someone from Steinberg to explain what’s goin’ on here.

That’s the ‘info line’ - you need to enable the ‘status line’.
window options.png

The top line with Record Time Max, etc. is the Status Line. The Info Line is the one below, that begins with “File”. Check your own screendump!

Right, sorry - but have you enabled the info line?

Edit - no…wait a second…i just checked…for me that is the ‘status line’. What happens if you enable both?

They are both enabled. Otherwise they wouldn’t both show, would they?

I see you use a PC. What Cubase version are you using? I use Cubase Pro 8.0.5 on the Mac.

I’m sorry - but in your top pic you are not showing the status line. Compare to my pic here, where it shows “audio inputs - not connected” - that’s the status line;

How many times must I explain that you are wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

Look at your own screen dump. Your Status Line beginns with Audio Inputs. Then follows Audio Outputs, Studio, Record Time Max, etc.

My Status Line begins with Record Time Max! Audio Inputs, Audio Outputs and Studio are missing. They are missing from the Set-Up option aswell!

I can’t explain it any clearer. If you don’t understand the problem now, you never will!

Please, could a moderator or someone from Steinberg explain what’s going on here?

Svenne, can you maybe be less angry?

I’m on PC these days, but I was running Cubase 8.0.5 recently on my Mac and the status line was populated properly.

Have you restarted Cubase in safe start mode to see if the options return?

Ehh never use it, so I just checked it.
Input and output are missing, if I start a new empty project. They are not hidden and just like Svenne explained.
If I start a new project using the template “Acoustic Guitar + Vocal” from the HUB/recording, they are there and show up in the setup.
If I load an old project made with Cubase 6.5 they also are back. That made me save a preset in the setup where both Audio Input and Audio Output are correctly shown. But starting a new empty project again, hides them even if i load that preset in the setup.
Hope that makes sense, and that someone with a little better english skills could phrase the Issue report.

Your “status line” is your “info line”. Like I said before - have you actually enabled the status line…as in, turned it on? Go to the windows set-up button in the upper left hand side of the menu bar. It’s the same button where you enable racks and the inspector. Btw - I had to enable this, as it, unlike the 'info bar, was not on by default. Good luck.

vespesian- Svenne’s uploaded images do show the status line, and the fields are indeed missing from the setup menu.

peakae reports the same thing on PC, but I am not seeing it here, so there is something going wrong somewhere.

Thus my suggestion to start Cubase with prefs disabled.

Or just re-enable it. Like I said, I had to turn mine on, which I didn’t have to do in 7.5.

Vespesian, you misunderstand. The attached images show the status line enabled.

Well I came here to try to find out how to get RID of the status line! So thanks for the info, vespasian. On my windows, cubase 8.05, when the status line is enabled, you can right click on it and select which options to view … so perhaps the op at some point hid the audio inputs and audio outputs? Nothing called “pull” at all that I can see.