Missing "Show Options" button in Library manager

Hi guys,
according to the manual there should be a “Show Options” button located next to the about button in the upper right corner, which in turn seems to be how one can register new libraries etc. Alas, as shown in the attached picture, that button seems to be missing on my system. So I tried on a different PC - same thing. Is there anything I have to enable before I can use the feature? Or does anyone have other ideas as to why this might be happening?

I don’t have any other audio app running or so, that might be locking on the VST files.

Missing button.png


this can happen if you have the initial Library Manager installed.
Can you please tell us HALion 6 and Library Manager version you have installed?


The ‘Move’ and ‘Remove’ buttons are inoperable for me on some the synths. My C: drive is getting a bit crowded so I want to move all my Halion Sonic 3 content to a separate E: drive, but I can’t.

Hi John,

you cannot move content under “Installed” (eg. HALion Sonic 2 content).
Only the HALion Sonic 3 content can be moved.

I am also missing the “show options” button. I am running version 1.0 of the Library Manager.