Missing Software in My Products / Unable to register to new E-licenser(s)

Hey folks,

I’ve been using Cubase 10 / 10.5 for a few years. I recently moved and lost my e-licenser. I also bought an SSD and moved over from my HDD. I deregistered the old e-licenser on my account. Now none of my purchases show on my account and the e-license control center can’t detect any licenses associated with my account nor can I reactivate anything. I have the receipts for each product, but it’s the weekend, which btw it’s a little ridiculous for a global recording software company to not have at least chat customer service on the weekends, and I now can’t do anything without support. This should be super simple to fix. Anyone have any ideas that I can attempt that might fix this before going the support route?

  • Running current e-license control center version.
  • Already registered new e-licenser and soft e-licenser.
  • Ran maintenance and recover.
  • Attempted reactivation - detects no soft e-licenser even though there is.
  • Can’t re-use activation code.

The only place I can see my products listed as “My Products” is in the Steinberg Download Assistant. That still shows what I own.


Are you talking about the USB-eLicenset, please?

You didn’t specify which Cubase version you’re using.

The reactivation process only applies to Soft-eLicenser licenses stored in your computer drive. These were used by Cubase LE/AI and Cubase Elements (before Cubase 12).

If you were using the USB-eLicenser dongle (required by Cubase Artist/Pro before Cubase 12), you need to buy a new dongle and request Steinberg Zero Downtime:

If you were using Cubase Artist/Pro, you can re-register your lost dongle by inputting your activation code into your MySteinberg, then you can request Zero Downtime.

I’m using Cubase 10.5 Pro.

I deactivated the old e-licenser from my account so I unfortunately can’t enable Zero Downtime. I suppose the only route at this point is to wait for support.


The license was at the USB-eLicenser. The only needed step was to plug the USB-eLicenser to the new computer.

By deactivating the USB-eLicenser you made it much more complicated. Now you have to wait for the support.

If you need to work in the mean time, download Cubase Pro 12 Trial. You can use it for 30 days.

He mentioned losing the USB-eLicenser. But this could definitely have been avoided by following the helpcenter articles more carefully.

Like I mentioned, I believe that you can still re-register your lost dongle by inputing an used activation code here (Register eLicenser / software): https://o.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg/my_products.html

Check your Steinberg Shop order confirmation emails for your codes.

In any case, you’ll still have to purchase a new dongle in order to activate the replacement codes that will be sent to you by Steinberg Support.