Missing some Reverence content help

Hi , this is getting a bit complicated but…

I bought Cubase Artist 6 (dvd)
Upgraded via the grace period to Cubase Artist 6.5 (digital download)
Bought the upgrade to Cubase 6.5 (digital Download)
Bought the upgrade to Cubase 7 (digital Download)

Now I recently reinstalled windows so had to reinstall cubase 7.
I installed it via the upgrade I downloaded , it didnt seem to have anything missing when installing it and didnt complain.
However now when I open Cubase 7 up and goto Reverence I have no reverb content.
The presets are still there by name but no reverb loads up.
In a previous project that already had the reverb applied it bugged me while loading that the content was missing.

So how can I get it back, or at the very least check to see if its where its meant to be.

I don’t know how it is in download version, but in my Cubase 6 DVD I can see an installer for Reverence content:

D:\Cubase 6 for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound\Reverence_Content_01.msi

Can you find something similar in your installation files?


There is a complete installer for version 7 (5 gigas). I think you will find Reverence content installer there.


O wow i never knew about the complete installer there, thanks alot.
You just made my life alot easier.

I did fix the problem anyway though but I had to instal Cubase 6 then 6.5 then 7 then 7 update so I now have the reverence stuff which is great but also 2 version of cubase installed.

Hello my friend - how did you fix this problem… - it’s been two full days now with this crappy situation…

please advise if you can. I reinstalled
cubase 4.5
upgraded to 6
upgraded to 6.5

at this stage everythig works… If I install Cubse 7 or 7.5 it will mess my Cubase 6.5 and the 7.5
the Reverence plugin won’t work
The error reads:
VST SOUND Library “HalionSonic SE Artist Instrument Factory Presets 01” not found.
C:users\compName\AppData\Roaming \Steinberg\Content\VstSound\FCP_SMT_076_HSSE_Artist_Instrument_Preset_01.vstsound

i have taken everything down the third time … now again i have the 4.5 and the 6.5 working…

any advise please?