Missing sound banks in M-Tron Pro

Hi there
I’m running Cubase 6.5.1 / 64 under Win 7 but have a nagging problem with M-Tron Pro. The VST plugin is visible and loads but none of the sound banks can be selected - there’s nothing there but the .cpt files are all present & correct in the M-Tron Pro Library folder and the instrument works absolutely fine in standalone mode. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, running the plugin in my normal VST plugins folders and also through J-Bridge but still have the same problem
Anyone else had the same issue?


I have the same problem. HELP!!!

Rien, the Netherlands

you have to use Jbridge to make M-Tron Pro work properly in x64 Cubase

Not true! I have M-Tron Pro working perfectly well in Win 7 64bit.
However, I did have the same problem as the OP.
I contacted GForce support, they were very helpful. Chris at GForce sent me a link to the latest version (which I assume is now the version available on their site), and made these recommendations (copied and pasted):

Locate your Cubase 64bit icon and right-click on it. From the Compatibility
tab select to Run as Administrator.

Launch Cubase and open M-Tron Pro. Locate the M-Tron Pro Library folder and
enter your serial number.

Having run Cubase as the Administrator this first time you can reset it to
run as normal.

Also, make sure the .dll file has installed to the correct folder.

I have the EXACT same problem.

Did you resolve this? I’ve just upgraded to Mtron Pro and have the same problem. Any clues gratefully received.



In response to your PM:
I’m on the road in Germany at the moment, so don’t have access to my working PC or the email from GForce support.
As far as I remember, simply following their recommendations, ie: starting CB as Administrator and directing MTron Pro to the library fixed the problem.
I get home on Tuesday so may be of more help then.

Thanks for getting back to me. I liaised with G Force (on a Sunday!) and resolved the problem. Grateful that you took the time to write.


I still cant figure out how to fix M-Tron Library loader… it just not working. I did the Select your library trick but it is just not showing the patches. I also did the short cut trick like GForce is suggesting in case you move your library. Soooo any ideas? Thank you.