Missing sound from external instrument

I sometimes experience missing sound from external instruments in Cubase. When I use an external instrument in a project, close the project, and open a new project, I get no sound from the instrument.

I see in Cubase that there is midi activity in and out, but no audio activity. All midi and audio connections appear to be set up correctly in Studio.

Sometimes I have to close and reopen the project, other times close and reopen Cubase, and then I get sound from the instrument.
I use Win 11.


Is the Monitor enabled on the monitor Audio Track, please?

I’m pretty sure I’ve tested with and without the monitor button. But I will check this next time the problem occurs. Is there anything else I can test when the problem occurs?

I got the problem again, and yes the monitor button is enabled.


Could you double-check on the External Instruments, the MIDI messages arrive? Maybe by plugging the headphones directly into the instrument?

Can you see an incoming signal to your Audio Device (some meters)?

When I play the external instrument, I see that there is sound going into the sound card, but I don’t hear anything. Cubase displays MIDI in and out activity.

If I play the instrument track in Cubase, MIDI out activity is displayed in Cubase, and I see that sound is going into the sound card (and I hear the sound in the headset connected to the instrument).

On the sound card, I can choose to monitor the sound coming in, but I don’t hear anything either.

When I restart Cubase and open the project again, I have sound.

Upgraded to Cubase 13, and I have the same problem here.


Could you please attach a screenshot of your Studio > Audio Connections > External Instruments window?


Do you see the Input meters on the Input Channels?

No, I don’t see any audio input - se photo:

After restarting Cubase:


I mean in the MixConsole, the red Input channels on the left.

Maybe there is something I don’t understand. But when I use External Instruments, I cannot simultaneously route the instrument to Input channels. But if I move the instrument from External instruments to Input channels, I see that the sound comes in.


If you do so, can you see the meters and can you hear the Audio?

Btw, in the first scenario, can you see the meters in the Control Panel (or Mixer) of your Audio Device?

When I route the instrument to Input, instead of External instruments, I can see that the sound is coming into the mixer in Cubase. But I don’t hear any sound.

I don’t have a control panel connected to the sound card that can show whether sound is coming in.

But I can possibly test with another sound card, where I have a mixer/control panel.


You would need an Audio track with the given input and rename the Monitor on the Audio track.

Sorry, forgot. Now I hear sound from the audio track. When I connect back, from Input to External Instrument, there is still no sound.

Are you adding the instrument as an instrument track or MIDI track? It needs to be an Instrument track.

Yes, I use instrument track.

Any other suggestions?