Missing sounds in Dorico after installing Cubase Elements 12


I have Dorico Pro 3.5.12 and it has been working great.
After installing the evaluation of Cubase Elements 12, when try to start Dorico I get:


So I try to use the download assistant to reinstall the sounds, however it says it is already instealled:

I tell it to reinstall anyway.

Dorico still loads, but when I load one of my projects, I see this:

How do I solve this? Must I uninstall Cubase? I’m quite surprised they’re not working together. Must be something I did?


Presumably this has something to do with the different licensing systems used for Cubase 12 and Dorico 3.5 and its effect on the new HALion plug-in. Presumably @Ulf or @PaulWalmsley will check in soon with a more definitive answer.

I think the problem here is, that Dorico 3.5 comes with HALion Sonic SE 3.5 and Cubase 12 now installs the new HALion Sonic 7. Of course, Dorico now also sees that new version and uses it, and hence the mentioned alert pops up.
In Dorico 4 you can resolve this by setting in the preferences the preferred HALion plug-in, so you could tell it to still use the old HSSE 3.5 even if HALion Sonic 7 is around. Dorico 3.5 does not have that option.
I don’t know what to suggest in this case. You are using the trial of Cubase 12, are you convinced and want to buy it or more likely not. If not, it would be easiest to uninstall Cubase and HALion Sonic again.

Thank you @Ulf

Actually, I really like the workflow in Cubase, so it is pretty likely that I’ll buy it. Not 100% certain yet, because it has only been 4 days so far…
So if I do buy it, will it include a version on HALion Sonic 7 (non-trial), which Dorico would then be able to use (without warnings) ?

Thanks again!

You can uninstall HALion Sonic and install Halion Sonic SE. It works both with Dorico 3.5, D4 and Cubase 12…

Thank you @Alberto_Maria ! This seems to have worked. My sounds work in D3.5 and C12 without any warnings.

I have no idea what, if anything, I am losing by not having HALion Sonic 7, but I think for now this is a great workaround :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You are welcome @Memran! :slight_smile: HS7 is going to substitute HSE, but also HS7 can run with both Dorico 3.5 and Cubase: only caveat: you have to redefine your sounds for Dorico 3.5…

I’ve just been looking over what’s new with Dorico 4… I think I need to upgrade to this, so maybe this whole HSE / HS7 issue will disappear anyway! :slight_smile:


Just upgraded to Dorico 4 and bought Cubase Elements 12. All sounds are working in both with HALion Sonic 7.

Also Dorico’s “generate notes from chords” function is brilliant.

But but but… the drag and drop midi between Cubase and Dorico !!! Such a fantastic workflow improvement!

Must admit, I am very happy right now! :grin:

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