Missing sounds

I have recently purchased Cubase Elements 7 (upgraded from a free version of Cubase AI 6 that came with an audio interface) and everything works as expected when recording audio. However, I am unable to get HalionSonic SE and Groove Agent to work with it. HalionSonic only has the First Contact patch and whenever I try to load a different sound I get a message telling me that the “Loading program failed”. Similarly with Groove Agent, I always get a message saying that it can’t locate the sounds - don’t even get one set of sounds with that.

I have tried reinstalling but no change. What am I doing wrong?? I have been able to add a different VST instrument and that works so I suspect it is the location of the files that is the problem, but after many searches I am unable to find them.

Dear Strandline,
Please unistall Cubase Elements using the Windows Control Panel > Programs & Features.
Also you should uninstall Cubase AI.
Do a reinstallation and run the installer as an admin (rightclick on the installer.)
Do not use the Start-Center.
Make sure that you do the installation for “all users”.

If this work around does not do the trick, send a support request direct to our support department.
You can put it to my attention.

email: info@steinberg.de



Thanks Jan, worked a treat. Have lots to play with now!