Missing Sweet Spot Data in UR-824 Channel Strip

Hi all,

is it me or there use to be presets in the drop down menu in the Sweet Spot Morphing channel strip? Was very useful.

I can’t find any since the 1.5 update.

Is there a way to install them or have they been removed in new Tools versions?

J-F Simard
Cubase 7.0.6
Firmware 2.0
Tools 2.0.1

Hi There

All working as normal here, 7.06 and on upgrade 7.5

Best Regards


Hey Dave,

Thanks for your reply. All is working for me too except the missing of presets. I attached a screen cap of my Morphing Channer Strip drop down.

My question is do you see the same on yours or do you have items in the dropdown?

Hi J-F

Definitely a problem there, I have quite a few presets that came when I originally installed the UR. Maybe try a reinstall of the UR tools, Have you got the latest version 2 Firmware?

Best Regards


Thank you Dave,
Lindsay from Support helped me get them back. She sent me the zip files containing all the presets and I just dropped them in Public User documents and Bingo!
I guess they were wiped out at some point with the optimized configuration we’re making on Windows where we turned the public user off.

All good now, thx for trying to help!
JF Simard

Aloha guys,

After reading this thread I am now wondering if the
UR-824 Sweet Spot Morphing data can also be used on my
two Steinberg/Yamaha n12 mixing desks.

These boxes also use the ‘Channel Strip Morphing’ feature
but that feature has not been updated in years.

Of course I don’t want to ‘break’ anything.
Just wondering if this procedure would even work.

And if it does work, will just be the same thing I now have?

Any info/thoughts/speculation on this would be great guys.

TIA (thanks in advance)

Hi curteye,

There’s no risk of trying to find where the presets are stored for your device and dump the preset files from the UR. I can send you the zip file and you can take it from there. If not sure you can always put a support request.

Aloha j,

And a major ‘Mahalo’ for the offer…

I have already heard from another user (on another forum)
that the Sweet Spot Morphing data contains the same info I have right now.

This idea of getting additional/newer Sweet Spot Morphing data for my n12s
was just a fleeting thought when I read this thread; so thanks again guys.