Missing tabs in Library Manager

Hello all,

I’ve just joined this forum and I’m still only barely off the ground with a steep learning curve using Cubase Pro 11.

I’ve been struggling with the basic concepts of VST Presets and Sounds and now I’m starting to think part of my difficulty is down to installation issues.
For example, if I go into the Steinberg Library Manager, I only see tabs for Halion and Groove Agent. There is nothing for Padshop, Retrologue and Cubase/Nuendo, like I see in other people’s help videos. (sorry I can’t include a screenshot yet as only just joined the forum).

I definitely have the content downloaded.
So went to the location of some .vstsound files and double-clicked to register, in case that helped.
SLM launched and gave me the message “No action was performed! The corresponding vst sounds are already registered.”. I’ve read that others have had this message but I can’t find any useful cure.
So like, where are they registered and how can I remove and re-register if they are not visible to SLM?

I’ve removed and re-installed Padshop and Retrologue and their content but nothing changed.

Another symptom, which may be related or just another problem, is that in the Media Bay, I don’t see a Halion or Groove branch under “VST Sound”, but Padshop 2 and Retrologue are there.

Getting a bit frustrated now with this confusing mess.

You can post images now, it would be helpful perhaps to say what you want to do, and what you currently see, rather than what you don’t see.

Thanks Steve,

I’ve been working on getting my trust level up. :slight_smile:

This is what SLM shows me.
Shouldn’t there be Cubase/Nuendo, Padshop 2 and Retrologue 2 tabs etc ?

Double-clicking a Padshop .vstsound file just gives this error message.
So where is it already registered?


Since the content is installed, you are done with the Library Manager.

VST Presets, and access to content live in Cubase. Look at the right zone Mediabay, and activate the Media tab.

Like this:

Thanks but all the screenshots I’ve seen of everyone else’s Library Manager shows a lot more content and I thought the same should show in mine as I have downloaded and am licenced for them.

If libraries are not visible in SLM, how would I later remove or move them if needed?

This is the other issue I mentioned at the top, which may be related.
In Media Bay, other libraries which I know are installed are listed here under VST Sound but not HALion Sonic SE or Groove Agent SE

I’m sorry, did you try my suggestion?

Hi Steve,

Yes, I can see all the VST instruments in the Media tab in the right zone.
They are usable from there. I’ve been dragging them onto tracks from there okay.

What I just discovered though, is that if you click on some of them (HALion, Padshop, Retrologue ) you are taken to a 2nd level of icons that are the libraries. Then you can click again and go another level down to the presets.
I had not seen that until today! Thanks very much for pointing that out.

I guess I can work that way but I’m still a bit confused as to why my SLM looks different from other people’s screenshots and why my full Media Bay window doesn’t show the same hierarchy.
I can find those same presets using the logical search at the top of Media Bay but only when the root folder “All Media” is selected. They don’t seem to be located in any of the sub-folders here and therefore you can’t drill down to them.


I wouldn’t overthink this. You just need to grok the Steinberg way of doing things.

The Library Manager is striclty for file management, and is not used otherwise.

Ok, thanks.
I am one of those people that likes to get a grip on the underlying file structure and know where everything is saved. I don’t really feel comfortable when things are abstracted into a pseudo file system.
I will try to let it go and not lose sleep over it. :sleeping:

Thanks again

Makes sense. Problem was your starting assumption was incorrect – Mediabay is a database, not a file structure, though file browsing is included, e.g., for user and 3rd party presets.

I’ve done a couple of things this morning and that appears to have corrected quite a lot.
Firstly, I renamed my “mediabay3.db” files to “mediabay3.db-old” (safer than deleting completely)
There were 3 of them in the subfolders under %appdata%\Roaming\Steinberg
Then when I launched Cubase, I had quite a few prompts to locate missing vstsound files, which I repaired. Now the Media Bay is showing branches for HALion SE and Groove etc that were absent before.

Secondly, I uninstalled Steinberg Library Manager, which didn’t come off cleanly, so then I manually removed any files and folders relating to it.
I then launched Download Assistant, which then re-installed SLM (after a warning saying the previous installation was incomplete).
Now I can see tabs for Cubase/Nuendo, Padshop and Retrologue that were not there before:

I’m much happier now.
I hope this helps others because I’ve seen postings about similar problems but have hunted for days for solutions without success.